Author: Dr. Ileana Berman

Dr Ileana Berman 4 self care tips for autumn
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4 Self Care Tips For Autumn 

With the busy summer season over, autumn is a great time to get into self-care routines. Colder weather and shorter days have a tendency to bring people’s moods down and have a negative effect on mental health. However, autumn is the perfect time to relax…

Dr Ileana Berman cognitive science researcher OCD Schizophrenia top 3 misconceptions about OCD

Top 3 Misconceptions About OCD 

OCD is a commonly misunderstood mental health condition. Have you or someone you know ever casually said “I’m just so OCD” while cleaning? Well, there is a lot more to OCD than obsessive cleaning.   Dr. Ileana Berman is a Cognitive Science Researcher with over…

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Summer Mental Health Care Tips 

Summer is seen as a time where we are supposed to feel happy and carefree. Despite this, our mental health struggles do not simply disappear when the weather gets warmer. With summer here, it is still important that we take steps to maintain and care…

Exercise, Stress

Why Does Exercise Reduce Stress? 

Most people with struggle with their mental health at some point in their lives. If we don’t take steps to care for our mental health, stress can build up and eventually overwhelm us. If you have every struggled with periods of anxiety or depression, someone…


Top Tips for Mental Health Care 

Staying mentally healthy is just as important as our physical health. Even if you don’t have any specific mental health concerns, everyone can take steps to care for and maintain their mental health. Dr. Ileana Berman is a cognitive science researcher with over thirty years…