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Cognitive Science

This Artificial Intelligence ‘gets’ sarcasm 

Thanks to research at the University of Central Florida, a sarcastic AI is in the works… Sort of.  This new artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of detecting sarcasm, as displayed in social media posts.  Equipped with sentiment analysis, the automated tool is able to identify…

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Schizophrenia Research

Schizophrenia and Bartonella bacteria 

In a new study, more evidence claims to link Bartonella bacteria with schizophrenia. Dr. Ileana Berman discusses the findings: Last year, Dr. Ileana Berman discussed a study that drew a link between a parasite found in cat litter and the development of schizophrenic symptoms.  Cognitive…

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Cognitive Science

Cognitive Kindness Explained by Ileana Berman 

What is cognitive kindness? Is it an approach we adopt over time — or is it an intrinsic part of being human? Longtime cognitive science researcher, Ileana Berman explains: Cognitive kindness is both internal and external.  But in Ileana Berman’s perception, the practice arguably starts…

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How to Stay Focused 

Especially in the times of the pandemic, staying on task can be tricky. Dr. Ileana Berman offers up some cognitive science research-backed tips on how to stay focused: Work on Projects in a Designated Area Making space for your work is imperative!  When you have…

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Early Signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Obsessions 

Dr. Ileana Berman’s professional work has largely revolved around studying and researching cognitive science conditions, such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Here, she shares early warning signs of OCD, particularly in children and young adults: OCD is marked primarily by obsessions and intrusive thoughts.  Because…