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Dr. Ileana Berman OCD
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Early Signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Obsessions 

Dr. Ileana Berman’s professional work has largely revolved around studying and researching cognitive science conditions, such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Here, she shares early warning signs of OCD, particularly in children and young adults: OCD is marked primarily by obsessions and intrusive thoughts.  Because…

Dr. Ileana Berman stress coping
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Cognitive Research Study in Need of Participants 

The Research on Affective Disorders and Development Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder is conducting a study on wellness and stress coping in a collegiate setting and educational environment. Dr. Ileana Berman discusses how CU Boulder students can participate: Everyone deals with stress differently,…

Dr. Ileana Berman eye test
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Parkinson’s disease, eye test & cognitive decline 

As stated in Dr. Ileana Berman’s last blog post, researchers have uncovered clues to cognitive decline — in the eyes. Now, cognitive scientists are focusing more specifically on Parkinson’s-linked cognitive decline with the help of an eye test. Does Parkinson’s disease cause cognitive decline?  According…

Dr. Ileana Berman eyes
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Cognitive clues in the eyes 

According to a study recently published by Joslin Diabetes Center, the eyes may be an early indicator of cognitive decline. Dr. Ileana Berman, Cognitive Science Researcher, discusses the subject: It is widely believed that individuals with diabetes are more likely to develop cognitive disorders than…

Dr. Ileana Berman Wine and Cheese
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Wine and cheese, please! 

They’ve said before ‘you are what you eat!’ But what if Dr. Ileana Berman told you that altering your diet could reduce future cognitive decline? According to a study conducted by Iowa State University and published in the November 2020 Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, this…

Dr. Ileana Berman Studying
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Read This Before You Cram For That Exam! 

Students know that cramming for an exam isn’t the most effective way to learn. But, a vicious cycle of procrastination intertwined with obligations outside of school often leads to cramming — even though we know it’s not effective, longterm! Dr. Ileana Berman discusses the concept:…