Cognitive meets computer in a scientific merger that’s reshaping how cognitive science researchers approach Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by IBM and Pfizer, researchers may be able to detect crucial warning signs of the neurological disorder — earlier. 

To say the realm of cognitive science research has morphed across centuries would be an understatement.  Having enjoyed a career that has transcended decades, Dr. Ileana Berman has experienced her fair share of shifts in approaches and research resources.  Now, the field is being remapped in an all new way in the study of the cognitive aspects of Alzheimer’s disease.

A team composed of cognitive science researchers from Pfizer and computer scientists from IBM have developed AI that could eventually screen the masses for Alzheimer’s disease.  How?  This is accomplished by software that analyzes a person’s writing.  At this time, the AI takes into account various elements, including linguistic patterns, vocabulary and word usage.  Dr. Ileana Berman is intrigued by this new frontier of AI in cognitive science research.  She looks forward to potentially introducing these approaches in her own studies.