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Inside Schizophrenia Podcast: Traveling 

In the latest installment of Inside Schizophrenia, the PsychCentral podcast discusses traveling with schizophrenia. Dr. Ileana Berman shares her thoughts on the episode: In this episode of Inside Schizophrenia, Laura Motta and Gabe Howard discuss how traveling is experienced by individuals with schizophrenia.  An often…

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Cognitive Research Study in Need of Participants 

The Research on Affective Disorders and Development Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder is conducting a study on wellness and stress coping in a collegiate setting and educational environment. Dr. Ileana Berman discusses how CU Boulder students can participate: Everyone deals with stress differently,…

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Read This Before You Cram For That Exam! 

Students know that cramming for an exam isn’t the most effective way to learn. But, a vicious cycle of procrastination intertwined with obligations outside of school often leads to cramming — even though we know it’s not effective, longterm! Dr. Ileana Berman discusses the concept:…