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Effects of Video Games on Cognitive Function 

This week, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya released a study on how playing video games affects cognitive function and development. The results may not be what you’d expect… Cognitive Science Researcher, Dr. Ileana Berman shares the story: As it turns out, playing video games is…

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Cognitive Science & Distance Learning 

Cognitive Science Researchers, like Dr. Ileana Berman, are questioning the effectiveness of distance learning. As the COVID-19 pandemic presses on, this approach to education is anticipated to be the norm… at least for now. But is learning on a computer as cognitively effective as learning…

Cognitive Science, Health

Flu Vaccines & Alzheimer’s Risk 

Can keeping up to date with your flu and pneumonia shots lower your risk of increased cognitive delay? Could vaccines even minimize your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease? Cognitive Science Researcher, Dr. Ileana Berman discusses a recent study on the matter: After analyzing a dataset…