The Research on Affective Disorders and Development Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder is conducting a study on wellness and stress coping in a collegiate setting and educational environment. Dr. Ileana Berman discusses how CU Boulder students can participate:

Everyone deals with stress differently, that much is apparent.  On a college campus, stress is nearly ingrained in the setting, which may even deter students from reaching their full potential.  At University of Colorado Boulder, the Research on Affective Disorders and Development Lab is asking the question: can focusing on developing programs that foster wellness drastically reduce stress for college students?  That is what the cognitive science research study at CU Boulder is aiming to explore.

This study is currently accepting applications for participation.  As of this initiation of the cognitive science research study, participation is open exclusively to students currently enrolled at CU Boulder.  Dr. Ileana Berman encourages CU students to consider participating in this unique and potentially revolutionary research study.  At a minimum, participants will receive compensation, ranging from $130 to $332 depending on how many parts of the study an individual completes.