The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation is committed to funding research in neuroscience and psychiatry. No other organization besides the federal government spends more money on mental health research. Thousands of scientists have received grants from the organization since 1987, and they have awarded over $430 million. Every dollar donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation goes right back into research grants because their operating expenses are covered by separate grants. 

Their goal is to enable people suffering from mental illness to be able to live full lives. Their research money goes into the study of multiple illnesses, including addiction, ADHD, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, BPD, depression, OCD, PTSD, and schizophrenia. They delve into several areas of research, including causes of mental illness, new technologies, diagnostic tools, early intervention, and new therapies. 

Dr. Ileana Berman knows how important mental health research funding is. In her 30+ year career in Cognitive Science, her work focuses on the links between OCD and Schizophrenia.