In a new study, more evidence claims to link Bartonella bacteria with schizophrenia. Dr. Ileana Berman discusses the findings:

Last year, Dr. Ileana Berman discussed a study that drew a link between a parasite found in cat litter and the development of schizophrenic symptoms.  Cognitive Science Research on this matter has continued to dig deeper ever since.  The latest published research points to a small study wherein a group of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, a schizoaffective disorder or other schizophrenic symptoms were found more likely to carry Bartonella bacteria

Bartonella bacteria is a bacteria sometimes referred to as the “cat scratch” bacteria.  Found in a cat’s saliva, this bacteria can lead to cat-scratch disease, or fever, within 14 days of exposure.  Now, Cognitive Science Researchers are questioning if there may be longer term effects… 

Ileana Berman is interested to see what else will be uncovered in this direction.  The link between felines and schizophrenia diagnosis continues to be discussed.  But are these findings concrete or completely circumstantial and coincidental?  Further studies will be necessary.