Thanks to research at the University of Central Florida, a sarcastic AI is in the works… Sort of.  This new artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of detecting sarcasm, as displayed in social media posts.  Equipped with sentiment analysis, the automated tool is able to identify emotional exchanges and discussions online, from positive and negative to neutral in tone.  This is accomplished via software which detects and reads emotion in text.

In this edition of Dr. Ileana Berman’s cognitive science research blog series, social media and cognitive science collide…

Dr. Ileana Berman first learned of this interesting AI development in an article from  In his piece, McFarland speaks from a computer science perspective.  But cognitive science researchers, like Berman, are questioning what this could mean on a broader scale.

How cognitively competent will different forms of artificial intelligence become?  And what will this say to AI’s capability of something that at least resembles emotion?  From a cognitive science research perspective, Ileana Berman is interested in what this could develop into.  At the very least, from an observational and research standpoint.  Studying AI, cognitively, could open doorways for not only the world of computer science, but cognitive science as well.