Dr. Ileana Berman’s professional work has largely revolved around studying and researching cognitive science conditions, such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Here, she shares early warning signs of OCD, particularly in children and young adults:

OCD is marked primarily by obsessions and intrusive thoughts.  Because a parent, friend or family member cannot directly experience their love one’s thoughts, it can be difficult to detect the early signs of OCD.  However, by paying close attention to the individual’s unique behaviors, one may be able to help before the disorder causes undue worry, anxiety or distress.

OCD is most commonly experienced in obsessions and compulsions.  In this blog post, Dr. Ileana Berman, Cognitive Science Researcher, outlines common obsessions:

  • Germs, getting sick or contracting an illness or death
  • Extreme and exaggerated fear of bad things happening, such as mistakes, accidents or harmful wrong-doing from others
  • The constant feeling that everything has to be ‘just right’

Stay tuned for Dr. Ileana Berman’s second installment of this deep dive into the early warning signs of OCD.